Testimonials from attendees:

After my time with Ana I felt very relaxed, peaceful & present. I’m still using the exercises & practices we went through in order to ground myself & stand in my power just before big moments. She held the space very well- don’t let her small stature fool you! I felt extremely comfortable knowing that she was holding the space & keeping it safe & supportive. I would absolutely recommend Ana to anyone who is looking to unshackle their inner voice & speak from a place of authenticity & power.


I had a great evening at Ana’s Introductory night. Ana’s a lovely woman, the venue is quirky and cosy, the atmosphere was extremely supportive and already I learned some new tools and got in some speaking practice. Highly recommended. And actually, I’ve joined up!

I was looking for a place to learn public-speaking.  I had volunteered as a speaker for War Child, but I had never done any public speaking before, just a few small presentations at work to people I knew.  I wanted to be able to do justice to War Child and the work they do, and I wanted to be able to put the message across in a way that would touch the listeners and encourage them to take action for the cause.  However, even thinking of it turned me into a bag of nerves!  So, I started looking around for a suitable speaking group. I tried Toastmasters, but it wasn’t really for me as I wanted something more personal, much less formal and more “fun”.

Ana’s WomanSpeak Circle is held in a quirky, intimate and safe-feeling location with only women – and Ana is super-encouraging, supportive and an inspiration. It’s a really pleasant evening.  In a couple of weeks I picked up some very useful tools that I could immediately use. I got loads of speaking practice and useful feedback.

For my first speaking engagement for War Child after starting with Ana, I felt very much more confident on the way to the venue than I normally would have done, and the gig itself went quite well. I did realise, however, that I still had a long way to go to reach the standard I am aiming for.  The biggest thing I learned so far with Ana is how to feel ready to do the talk – rather than the usual quivering jelly with dry mouth and stage-fright.  That’s a good start, and now I’m looking forward to learning the rest.


I attended the pre-circle introductory and the first Women Speak Circle on 22 March. I went there open-minded, not sure what to expect. I found that the tools and the positive encouragement we were given made it easy to stand on ‘stage’ and speak.  

I recommend Ana Goncalves. Ana is an experienced speaker and most important, she is a great listener. Maybe something your group will benefit from. Anna has plenty of experience in running workshops. She creates a safe and empowering setting that helps people open up, trust and connect to every part of themselves – even the not so nice ones. From that space, she offers practical insights to help people improve their ways of coping with everyday challenges and bring more balance and peace into their life.

I can highly recommend the WomanSpeak Introductory Evening Workshop. Ana shared insightful and useful exercises to remove anxiety and uncertainty when you’re presenting or speaking in any context. It’s a great workshop if you’re looking to feel calm, confident and engaged when standing in front of groups or crowds



Do you wish you had more confidence to speak up and share your voice?

Are you longing to speak up about something but fear that you don’t have the skills to do it?

Does self doubt get in the way?

You’ve come to the right place – because here with WomanSpeak’s unique community, training and techniques, you can overcome all of that.

WomanSpeak is where women learn the art & soul of public speaking.

How is WomanSpeak different?


Our curriculum supports women in clarifying and owning the value of their ideas. We teach women how to prepare and deliver talks, presentations and communications that move, impact and influence their listeners.


We support women in feeling confident and free to speak up & be themselves in a variety of settings: public talks on stages, panel discussions, group/team meetings, fundraising conversations and more.



We help women to transform fear, doubt and resistance to sharing their voices into natural confidence and charisma. We deal with the unique challenges that come up for women around sharing their voices in the presence of men.


We provide a very supportive, celebratory and fun environment!

The members of a WomanSpeak Circle can come whenever they wish to practice, meet twice per month for 2 hours and unite and share their voices in a supportive and held community, where they are free to share their voice and embrace the value of who they are what they have to say.

I have partnered up with KC Baker who has helped thousands of women from all over the world in becoming authentic, powerful public speakers. Our founder KC Baker has taught and spoken about this unique body of work at the United Nations, Women@Microsoft, TEDxWomen, and more.

Women around the world are wanting support in speaking up and leading as who they truly are, rather than feeling like they have to suppress a part of themselves in order to fit into a masculine model of leadership.

The time for feminine-centered public speaking and leadership training that understands the genius of the feminine mind, and how it works, has come.

This circle is for you, no matter where you fall in the wide spectrum of women who want to share their voice, all while being themselves. This WomanSpeak Circle is based in the Netherlands, so if you live here and would like to know more about the next event, you are welcome to send an email to : anapfg8@gmail.com and register your interest.

The WomanSpeak Circle is designed to practice and deepen your own artistry of standing up and speaking your truth with others in your daily and professional life.

Want to learn more about WomanSpeak?  http://womanspeak.com/

Have any questions? Do you want to know more? Send me an email: anapfg8@gmail.com and I will be happy to share more details with you.

I Look forward in meeting you.