Working with Ana was such a blessing.  Her loving and gentle ways allowed me to feel very safe. As a highly sensitive person,  I really appreciate these qualities.  She guided me to easily retrieve a very deep memory from a past life that had been blocking me in this lifetime. It was a profoundly transformative experience.  I am very grateful to Ana for her loving guidance and generosity. Martina Cordero
It was wonderful yesterday, thanks again. I am quite relaxed ever since I must say. Thinking of the snow, and even my shoulder that was hurt, I had a rontgen photo taken this morning, and all was fine. Herman M
This is a testimonial for Ana Goncalves. She is an amazing Wife, Mother, Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Unconditionally Loving Soul Sister, Creator, Medical Intuitive, Soul Coach and Counselor. I highly recommend her to others. Thank You for assisting me on my journey when I was going through a tough time Physically, Emotionally, Energetically and Mentally! Andrea Girling

Anita1I had been feeling unclear and confused about what I wanted to do, how to move forward and was experiencing inner conflict. 

During the session Immediately I felt at ease and safe to express how I was feeling. Ana’s kind, unconditionally loving and supportive presence made opening up easy and natural. Ana gently guided me to answers and deeper realizations that were within but forgotten. She would ask clear and important questions that made me open to deeper parts of myself uncovering a more authentic and heart-centered inner being and sense of purpose. I feel more aligned with who I truly am and what I actually want to do. I am now clear, relaxed and inspired.

Her clear, strong and loving guidance speaks to the truth within and cuts through everything. She also offered suggestions and helped me see options and possibilities. More than anything she helped me to believe in myself and my higher vision, to know that I can do this and without knowing actually uncovered a deep desire.

The session with Ana was incredible, empowering and enlightening. Following the session I went into deep enquiry and was led back to a dream which I am now bringing into reality.

I am incredibly blessed and deeply grateful for Ana, who she is, her work and beautiful presence. She does amazing work helping align people to their True Self. I am in awe and gratitude.

Thank you Ana. You are an angel, a blessing and a gift.

Anita Olivacce, http://www.radiantreikihealing.com/


223811_1991159256608_7268419_nAna is a highly gifted and inspirational intuitive and healer who works in a beautifully creative way to help you to understand who you really are. Always working from the heart center, she creates a loving and safe space to work in and she is very easy to talk to and share feelings with – I feel truly listened to and supported by her at all times.  She reflects back so accurately what I feel and gently allows all possibilities and healing to happen without sometimes me being really consciously aware of it.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to understand themselves better, needs direction in their lives and for those who wish to connect to who they truly are.Sarah Lermit – http://sarahlermit.org.uk/


Thank you for being there when I was in a dark place. I’m a bit better now. Using coaching techniques on myself helps, gets me to focus on the future rather than the past. You’re amazing! wish i could hug you! Stay amazing! Khal Drogo


me pic lavenderI was full of “buts,” though I didn’t realize it until I spoke with you.

Since our initial session things have changed, and I now celebrate the good, and am more aware of my worth. This has in itself bought abundance into my life, literally doing a complete turnaround from when we first spoke!

I have changed my view on money – it’s no longer lack. I have followed your advice of celebrating the good in my business. I have some big bookings coming up, that were booked in after our chat, and my path seems to be going back to working in venues. 

I wish to thank you for helping me so much, and it was painless and joyful too! Rev. Cheryl Turtlemoon Millsom – www.cherylturtlemoon.co.uk

I came to Ana because I needed some direction as I had conflicting views about why I am here and what my purpose is, and I felt very unsettled and unhappy. I didn’t know what to do about it. Working with Ana was life changing, it helped me bridge the gap between who I am and who I thought I was. I finally found my true place in the world and found meaning in my life again and I feel very grateful for Ana’s support in bringing me back to my purpose. I feel like I have found myself, I feel confident and happy. Without that I’d be lost. Thank you. Shaheera Masoud


12305746_1014109125277027_343794706_nAna Goncalves has a very gentle energy that I appreciated, as I’m a Highly Sensitive Person. She led me through a journey that was quite unique, as we looked at the business block I was experiencing, and got the story behind it from my body. I left the session with the message to incorporate my true nature, which is a sense of fun and play, in to my business. I am implementing that now! Thanks Ana – Ashley Knutson, Healer for Highly Sensitive Women


I came to Ana because I was diagnosed with a back strain, and I wanted to know what was going on whether there was any other solution. What I discovered was short of a miracle. The method that Ana applied in the session was effective in intensifying a non physical reason linked to a cognitive pattern that had affect on the physical body which may have contributed or even caused the back injury. Having identified a behavior cognitive pattern, I now have something to work with, which came up as a message from the pain located in my back and the meaning behind the medicine card I had picked up. I feel lighter, and have a new awareness of what happened and everything makes sense now. I feel better for coming to Ana and more at ease in my life. Michael, UK


11393087_10153408858939759_2090294653485813590_nAna’s Soul Plan Reading gave me such a great inside into who I am and what I am here to do. I loved how she was able to pinpoint things that are important in my life right now and also discovered what I need to be aware of. Her enthusiasm radiated on to me making me immediately want to jump and take action. I can highly recommend this Reading to everyone that is looking for more clarity in life. Steffie Vandierendonck – http://www.vibrationalchameleon.com/

I received an intuitive reading from Ana. I was overwhelmed by the sense of warmth and acceptance that exuded from her write-up. I felt hugged, spiritually, and it wasn’t just the beautiful message she delivered, but the way in which it was presented. It’s obvious in the way that she writes that she trusts and honours her guidance inherently and that inspires a feeling of confidence for the querent. She answered my question so specifically, and added several cards that flew out of the deck, giving not just general overviews, but expanded guidance directed at my exact situation. I highly recommend Ana’s readings, and trust her implicitly. I’ll be back for any guidance I need in the future. Jenny Griffin

I came to Ana because my dog was sick, and I needed help. I knew Ana would be the person to help me. Ana really cares. Her communication is friendly and caring and my dog has certainly improved a good deal since her Distance Healing session took place at the agreed time. Thank you so much Ana. Do you know what…Tilly has been so much better today after last night, yesterday and through the previous night. I have just returned from walking her and my other dog and Tilly was off lead, running back and forth like she was half her age. Rachael, UK



My session with Ana was truly amazing by the simple yet powerful and spot on questions she asked me. I felt my energy shifting all along : at the beginning I was not far from panicking and at the end I was in the flow and excited. I got so much clarity from just one session with her, she not only help me to get back into my natural and connected flow, she gave me a way to not fall into the traps of my mind again. After that one session, 2 days I made 8 sales of my paintings, and then a day after I had someone hire me. I strongly recommend Ana, if you are reading this testimonial, it means you have been drawn to her and that’s a sign it’s the perfect divine timing for you to get her help. You will be so glad you did. Vincent Leleux – http://healandgrowrich.com/

Ana is wonderfully connected and intuitive. I had an enormous breakthrough healing during a spiritual session with her. Her voice is warm and comforting, and she was like a gentle, spiritual guide for me as I explored the layers of my past. She helped me to release some blockages, and when the session ended, I felt wonderful. I definitely recommend Ana for anyone interested in diving deep into themselves. She’s awesome! Raquel Somatra


antoninaFabulous session with Ana who is a very generous, patient and sensitive healer. Although I am pretty intuitive myself it doesn’t mean I don’t have blind spots when it comes to MY stuff vs OTHER people’s stuff.

Ana helpfully lead me to them, and we were able to some deep stuff. As soon, as we did a feeling of peace came over me and I stopped looking at world ( and my biz) through a scarcity lens.

This mindset flip has been really serving me the last few days, plus, our work together revealed exactly what I need to be including in my self care and spiritual practice right now!(this by the way is NOT an easy feat believe me!). Thoroughly recommend the experience.x

Antonina Andreeva, AKA The Coachininsta
High Vibe Coach and Mentor


This is the most wonderful intuitive coach. She is always so loving and professional. Her reading was spot on and so helpful in so many ways. It was a fun a great learning experience. Thank you so much! Lois, USA



I took some coaching with Ana because I wanted to be able to organize my time better, and what I discovered through the coaching is how much I was forgetting to love myself in the process. Ana is always there to remind me to trust myself deeply and love who I am at that exact time. I would recommend Ana to people who tend to forget what is essential to them and want to get to the next level in their career / relationship AND be in great health !! Juliette Jeanclaude – http://juliettejeanclaude.com/


Before I scheduled my session, I felt so very lost and hopeless. I felt trapped in a thankless, dead end call center job. It seemed there was nothing really positive in my life, despite having just purchased my new home with my husband. I felt like my soul was literally dying, because I wasn’t able to carve out some personal time to decompress and do the things I know would lift me up rather than bog me down. I reached out for some support within a social media group, mostly because I felt I literally had nowhere else to turn.

Ana reached out to me. I honestly was surprised by the ease with which we communicated. Her warm spirit, soothing voice and non judgmental demeanour was so comforting. She asked some pretty basic, but difficult questions, yet I was able to answer with little hesitation. I feel now like my feelings have been validated, that I truly do have gifts that the Universe wants to receive and that I am worthy of pursing my heart’s desires for the lifework that best supports ME. I am most grateful to you for opening the door for me to explore my untapped potential and all the possibilities that lie ahead and giving me the courage to go forward in my life. Andrea Ferguson


christaAna has a truly divine, spot on and real gift! Ana’s manner and entire presence is gentle, comforting and so beautifully encouraging for all who coming into contact with her and get the chance to benefit from her incredible talents. After a session with Ana, I felt so warmly guided and with several ‘aha’ moments, so many dots that had been disconnected suddenly made sense: in practical, easy to understand and actionable ways! She also gave confirmation to me of some things that I’d always felt, deep within. If you’d like an insight into why you have the talents you have (however vastly different and separate they may seem!), if you are at a crossroads and wish for guidance, or if you would just like help in joining the dots for your work or your personal life,  then do yourself the favor of contacting Ana! She is absolutely the real deal, and a divine gift for us all. Christa Norris – http://www.christanorris.com/


Ana has helped me be more open and not afraid of trying new things and changes. Ana has inspired me on how to connect with people as well. I recently had a conference call and Ana is lovely to talk to and very helpful in whatever situation or need you are in. I recommend you give her a call as you will see how wonderful she truly is. Laura Brzezinski



joannaAna guided me through a spiritual session into who I am, and that really helped me calm down and re-connect with my guides. I had let my judgement become a bit lost in the chaos, and Ana helped me see my way again. Joanna Hennon, http://www.createyourworld.me/