About me

I am born Portuguese, I lived in London for 23 years and in 2015 I moved to Amsterdam. Before I became a coach and healer, I learnt myself how to return to the heart through my own challenges in life. My journey has led me to exercise my power, self value and love through intense, dense and soul challenging experiences where I felt unsafe, unworthy, disconnected and powerless.

I learnt how to ask and get help to overcome energy blocks and enjoyed finding my happiness on a path towards feeling, openness and caring for my well being. Doing so, I developed my gifts into clarity  and I was proud to complete the London Holistic Healing College in 2012.

I am here as a Healer and Coach to guide you to discover your own power, which you cannot experience yourself and to dive deep into the areas which need healing, love and peace.

You can work with me through individual sessions or by attending my live WomanSpeak Circles.

Rev. Cheryl Turtlemoon Millsom says about Ana (see praise):


I now celebrate the good, and am more aware of my worth. This has in itself bought abundance into my life, literally doing a complete turnaround from when we first spoke!