About me

Hi, my name is Ana Goncalves and I help women primarily connect to their authentic self, so they thrive in their business and be the powerhouses of their lives. (That’s me on the left <<)

What does that look like exactly? 

That involves you getting clear on where you are, getting real and honest with yourself including owning up to the fact that you may be over exhausted and struggling, and then discovering the self supportive actions suited to you that is going to help you in the hugest way move through any obstacle you are currently struggling with. Did I say that it’s you that’s doing it?

I am here to merely guide you to your truth, to unearth all the value you have, bring it out of you so you can the action that you most need that is in tune with your best self. I have 21 years experience in Business and Online marketing and a BA in Business Manager, and I am also a gifted chaneller, healer and intuitive and a Diploma in Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing and Spiritual Life coaching which means I can see people really clearly even before they see themselves, so I will be suggesting practical ideas for you to take action on, and helping you the inner work and mindset to release and clear all the shit that has been preventing you up until now to fully take charge of your life.

If you’re exhausted, struggling and overwhelmed, please know two things:
1) Putting others before you isn’t what “nice” girls do, and should never be held up as a standard to strive for. In fact, it cuts you to the core, dis-empowers you and leaves you spent.
2) You don’t have to stay that way.

You are here to grow and fully express yourself and and share your gifts with the world and be yourself unapologetically. You deserve to be loved, cherished, unconditionally – and that starts with you adoring yourself. I will show you how, now are you ready? Do you want this as much as you think you do?

My own journey has led me to standing in my power and valuing myself through intense and soul-challenging experiences, (abuse) where I felt unsafe, unworthy, disconnected and powerless. The experiences taught me the true meaning of self-love and the power of owning my truth and my worth.

If you are ready to find out more, and dive deeper you are welcome to join my free Facebook group here, or join a WomanSpeak circle in the Netherlands or find out how you can work with me here.

You’re one decision away from a powerful change.


Seer of Imaginative Guideaways

Ana Goncalves