About me

It has taken me almost a century to sit down and write down an about page which feels congruent with who I am today as I am constantly changing. I am here to serve, to guide you to connect you to your essence, so you can remember your relationship with yourself.

My purpose is to experience love, and share love with others through teachings/content from experiential experience and learning. I believe you are here to grow and to experience fully yourself and to love yourself unconditionally. This is where you create freedom to move freely in whatever experience you choose.

My journey has led me to exercise my power, self value and love through intense, dense and soul challenging experiences where I felt unsafe, unworthy, disconnected and powerless. I am a Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Coach.

This isn’t about me anymore, this is about you and who you are. If you are ready to dive deeper and connect with your source and awaken the freedom inside you, then you are welcome to join my free Facebook group: Soulful creators here or book a session.